Sortie au Théâtre en Anglais des élèves de Terminale AMC


Affiche_Mandela.jpeg" It was nice (the ambiance, the music…). But the actor who played Mandela had a weird accent. He did this to be more comprehensible…” (V. S.) “The main actor incarnated Nelson Mandela very well. It helps people tobetter understandhis life without being boring” (D. S.) “It was nice to do a school outing. I didn’t understand why the actor playing Mandela made him sound stupid with his funny accent, especially at the beginning.” (P. S.). "It was an interesting play with talented actors. I liked the musical transitions because it was lively even though the stage was dark… And I also liked the few funny moments.” (R. R.) “It was a very interesting play which taught us about Nelson Mandela and his adventurous life. The way that the show was staged was unusual but very helpful with the screen and all the dates/pictures on it.” (A. D.)

D’assez bonnes critiques, dans l’ensemble, sur la pièce46664- Prisoner Nelson Mandelajouée en anglais par les comédiens bilingues de la troupe du Théâtre en Anglais et que le groupe d’élèves de Terminale est allé voir vendredi 31 mai à l’Alhambra, à Paris.